The approved system offered  by our company is the at the moment the  technologically most advanced there is  available on the market. In fact this system is known to be  the newest evolution that got  approved by the minister.  This system will be provided and delivered to you  in perfect working order and will be activated when brought to you, it will come to you complete with all its hardware and software equipment. The system is expandable and laid out, right away, to the installation of additional access points without any limits.
The systems  characteristics are:

unitàripresaomologata The acquisition unit approved under P.r.decree 250/199 consisting of a video camera (with integrated Infrared Illuminator), a license plate with a recognition OCR software, a data processing unit and an integrated web server. The system was specifically designed  for reading applications and to recognize license plate near the  access to specialized areas such as ZTL. The license plate recognition takes place in real time using the installed program inserted inside the video camera.
unitaripresacontesto Unity for the context that will be used for the acquisition of  the contextual image “to sanction”.The camera is able to capture an image of context from this camera through a dedicated command resumed by  WEB interface configurable HTTP OCR and to match it to the image of the  license plate recognition. This same camera will be usable in conjunction with OCR software on the control center, to locate between vehicles “authorized” and those “non-compliant” with insurance, revision, etc. It is also compatible, improving the performance, with those already in use in Municipal video surveillance systems and can therefore also be used for this purpose.
cartellonistica The bright display consists of an outdoor display inserted in a frame made of aluminum with a non-reflective front screen which should be  unbreakable.  The brightness adjustment  is automatically done by  the LEDs. You can program the writing software t WDNG (included) using the Ethernet LAN connection via computer and display. A single PC can handle up to 256 display located throughout the area. The software contains a database through which you can invoke prior postings and that  includes a scheduler for automatic programming of messages that can be set for a  day, week and time.
The official poster that regulates  the  access to the ZTL  areas  that contains several  surveillance cameras that are  provided  to take into account the guidance by the customer regarding the new traffic structure.  In the figure below we are showing  you the  sketch of the proposition  model.
Support pole tapered anthracite.

By central Unite , intend a  work stations, located near the municipal police butcan also be located in other fixed and mobile locations indicated by the client. The main functions that will carry out the control center are the following:

  • Capturing data from local drives;
  • To see historical traffic datas and diagnose them through its system;
  • Validation activities relating to potential infringements reported by local units;
  • List management license plate number allowed for single passage or groups;
  • Opening and closing of gates and the management of eventual suspensions.
All equipment supplied will be lighted and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and for the whole  duration that is provided  in the contract. The manufacturer also guarantees:

Complete and customized Collaboration training course for the preparation of the application operation of the plant for submission to the competent Ministry system initialization with support to load all data necessary to the functioning, including the creation of lists of permits to import from existing procedure viewable at the command of PM Presence in qualified personnel at system startup site support and maintenance.