Studies of mobility and parking , Consulting and Design

Tsp ITALIA S.r.l also offers to help you when needing specific advice on the planning and regulation of the parking area, proposing different solutions in order to improve the organization of the urban systems and to guarantee our clients with a better travel system.

Our aim is to find new solutions and strategies to solve our clients problems, as efficiently and fast as possible.

With our professional team , we study the different territories in the city in order to propose the following services:

  • The study of traffic and its mobility
  • To plan parking and the number of parking spaces needed
  • To design and develop parking areas
  • To study the accessibility of shopping malls and hospitals etc.
  • To manage the parking areas

Tsp ITALIA S.r.l collaborates with other professional companies in order to fulfill any type of assistance needed to complete the planning and realization of the parking areas.

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