Variable messages panels

City Information

City Information Systems (or Video City), consisting of panels made with LED technology in various shapes, sizes and configurations are used in all the urban centers in harmony with the environment, becoming in effect a decoration.
Within the city, the variable message signs are the most effective way to provide information to the citizens by public bodies such as municipalities, province, regions and offices involved in the direction of traffic. Centralized management makes these systems flexible and versatile. Remote control via Ethernet, GSM/GPRS modem and radio allows a continuous updating of information to be displayed in real time, as well as a schedule of events and related management of diagnostic data.

City Information is characterized by:cityinf

  • Display messages stored
  • Message display time histories
  • Management functions in automatic
  • Color video footage and their management
  • Diagnostic
  • Communication with central location

and finds application in:

  • Urban centers
  • Access to the cities
  • Shopping centers
  • Hospitals