Barrier system


By combining the state of the software solutions with a revolutionary design, the barrier system X-Parc has been designed having in mind both the final customer and the manager, proposing itself on the market as one of the safest systems, accurate, reliable and easy to use. The barrier system X-Parc consists of:


Input terminal and output terminal: ticket delivery and verification, reading weave subscribers. It features a modular hardware and the software platform can be configured to meet any need.

downloadDownload the brochure of input terminal and output terminal (ITA – PDF – 827 KB)


Automatic cash machine: designed to manage the payments and ensure maximum safety. Payment can be made by cash, coins or banknotes, and optionally with credit cards and debit cards. Used in combination with the input and output terminals and with manual crates, transmits to the central software management information relating to revenue and to its state of functioning.

downloadDownload the brochure of automatic cash machine (ITA – PDF – 929 KB)


Manual cash: the computer and the devices connected to it (validator, display rates, cash register, thermal printer for receipts) create a durable and high-quality system, suitable for the customer and the operator, who leads the user in the payment through the use of the parking management software in a simple and fast way.

downloadDownload the brochure of manual cash (ITA – PDF – 832 KB)


Barrier: developed for use in parking with high attendance, it supports up to 10,000 openings per day. The wear-resistant mechanical design allow fast movement, safe and easy, reversing or stopping the descent in case of collision with a solid body.

downloadDownload the brochure of barrier (ITA – PDF – 1,13 MB)

impbar_software Management software XPARQ Management System: provides its own server http: \ and host the system for the administration of the database. It consists of a series of processes software dedicated to specific tasks (calculation of tariffs, time synchronization, data distribution) and is embedded in the network to manage the entire system remotely from a central location.