gestione tsp ITALIA S.r.l. proposes itself as direct manager of regulated parking, providing a professional and complete service refined over years through experience.

The management service, according to the agreements taken time to time with the Public Administration, includes:

  • Inspections designed to be aware of the current situation of the territory to eventually define improvement actions
  • Centralized remote control that instantly detects the operation of each P&D
  • Local presence of our staff are able to perform the first surgery shortly after receiving a text message on your mobile phone service reporting directly from the remote control
  • Nomination of staff to the function of the Parking Auxiliary
  • Weekly cleaning of the surfaces of the meter and the solar panel, to ensure both a decorous presence of the equipment and preserve the maximum efficiency of photovoltaic cells
  • Graffiti removal through the use of suitable cleaning products highly ecological
  • Receipts withdrawal according to a procedure that expects the maximum transparency to the customer, which is always released a ticket summary of the levy occurred
  • Specialized technicians can operate on all parts of the equipment and to act within a short time by the reporting
  • Maintenance of road markings, signs and signals, at least once a year and each time it is necessary
  • Warehouse, at our headquarters, constantly provided with all original parts and P&Ds in every different configuration