Maintenance contracts

manutenzione tsp ITALIA S.r.l. supports its costumers for years with a fast and efficient manteinance service. Our technicians offers a wealth of knowledge acquired from experience and continuous professional training, directly made to the manufacturer.
To make our maintenance service more effective and responsive to the different needs of customers, 4 packages have been created ad hoc corresponding to four different levels of services offered:

  • Bronze, base (4th level)
  • Silver, intermediate (3rd level)
  • Gold, all-inclusive (2nd level)
  • Platinum, all-inclusive premium (1° livello)

Sign a maintenance contract allows you to take advantage of many benefits, including:

  • Even faster response times
  • Discounted prices of supplies and spare parts on the price list, charged to tsp ITALIA S.r.l in the all-inclusive contract
  • Special prices for travel and technical assistance, free in the all-inclusive contract
  • Telephone consultation directly with one of our technicians in the headquarter

…and much more!!