Enviroment and ecology


Planning and choice to regulate parking on payment is negatively impacting final users. Such a reaction is due to wrong informations given to the users. They are never informed about the benefits and the advantages.
tsp ITALIA S.r.l. is, since ever, involved in the activation of information campaigns over the territory. With the preventive diffusion of leaflets, end users are involved in understanding all the positive effects of regulated parking systems.

A big amount of the pollution in the cities is caused by vehicles travelling around to find out a free parking place.

To prevent such traffic jams, dedicated short term parking areas are one of the solutions. In addition, this system can also reduce air and acustic pollution by reducing vehicles flow. At the same time, long term parking areas encourage the usage of public transportation or, as an alternative, other systems like bicycle or car sharing, reducing, as well, the amount of circulating vehicles.

Hectronic P&D machines are equipped with latest technology solar hoods. These solar panels are feeding the P&D with enough Energy at no extra costs for the user and without any indirect CO2 emission (no external electrical power).

Once the decision to remove the unit is taken (with Hectronic it will last even for more than 14 years), the machine is recycled in full respect of the natural environment.